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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update: The Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey by M. Shawn Crahan

Has everyone checked out Clown's new photo book The Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey? I posted about it a few weeks ago. While its a little pricey ($55 new), it is a great chance to get into M. Shawn Crahan's head (Clown from Slipknot). The photos range from band members to family to abstract to dead animals. Going through the almost 200 page book was breathtaking and disturbing all at once. The book starts out with an introduction by Jon Wiederhorn and a short one from Clown himself.  Each chapter has a name indicating what the photos in the pages to come will show and begins with a short introduction by Wiederhorn and Clown. At the end of the chapters, you can find captions for each photo that bring you deeper into Crahan's world.

 My favorite chapter is "Blood, blood" and my favorite photo of the entire book is surprisingly not the random or disturbing, but the one on page 113. The caption simply says
"113 - Mother, giver of my life, sorry for your pain, goodbye forever, love you, see you in a dream, never grow with age, stay sweet and always remind us all to be better in this Hell" (Crahan, 2012).

After buying this book the day it came out, I carried it around and showed it to everyone I knew. Two days later, Clown was at the local Barnes and Noble for a book signing. He was extremely sweet, very philosophical when he explained the meaning of the name Slipknot and explained why he loved the picture on the back insert for the CD Iowa. He not only signed the books, but also signed other items that people brought with them.

Inside of the book he inscribed something that has stuck with me. It is simple, but says so much...
"Live your life. Enjoy our pain."

Now, get out there and get this book. You can find it on Amazon (and you can get it for a lot less than cover price now) or check out your local bookstore.

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