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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Destruction of the Local Music Scene

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but there has been a gradual destruction of the local music scene. Actually, most people don't notice because they aren't out there and that is the problem. Venues are closing, bands aren't playing out and when they do there isn't as much of a crowd. It makes me sad and angry every time I go to a show and I see only a handful of people. Here are some things you can do to help the local music scene get back on its feet and stay there:

First and foremost, get out and go to shows. Go see bands you love, go see bands you like, go see bands you've never seen before. The important thing is that you get out and to the shows. That is the number one way you can show your support for the bands, the music, and the scene. If there are no asses in the seats (or barstools), then there is no reason for venues to stay open and book bands. This is especially important for genres like metal where there is not as broad of a following as mainstream music.

While you are at the shows, check out the bands' merch booths. T-Shirts, hats, CDs, DVDs, anything they have to offer. Remember that these local bands aren't rich and famous. They have day jobs (sometimes more than one) and put their own money in to record albums and have t-shirts and other merchandise made just to get their names out there. They play in a band because they truly love it, not because they're paid millions to do it.
When you go out to shows, drag your friends with you. Post information about bands on your Facebook or other social networking pages - photos, videos, band pages and websites, and anything else you can. Get the word out about the bands you find and love.

Many radio stations have a local music platform. In Madison, WI, 94.1 WJJO has the JJO Local Stage every Sunday at 9pm. You can call in and requests the local bands you want to hear on the radio (608-321-0941 in Madison).  I'm sure bands like to hear their music played on the radio and it gets it out to that many more people.

 So basically, get involved. Get out and enjoy some music. Show the local scene that you want it to stick around otherwise one day there won't be any more.


  1. I do support local music that does original music, here's some things a guy who has been supporting local music for 33 years would like to see:

    1. Start on time, if it is advertised at 9PM start at 9PM not 10:15PM

    2. Have some earlier shows during the week for us working joes

    3. Would be nice if bands stayed somewhat sober on stage, party after the show - also we are not all hip to inside jokes so keep them off the stage

    4. Venues need more seating, us oldsters still dig good live music but cannot stand for 3-4 hours so we avoid a place we know has very limited seating

    5. Have someone that knows the merchandise selling it and make sure they have change. I buy cds if you can make change for a $20 and I will often buy a Tshirt if the person selling them knows "where around here" they are.

    6. Your friends will be around to talk to alot, take time to talk to "the fan".

    1. 7. Your politics are yours. Keep them to yourself and off the stage.