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Friday, August 3, 2012

Update: Randy Blythe and Knotfest Lineup

News came down today that Randy Blythe was released from a Czech jail on bail. In a closed session, it was decided that he could be released with the only condition that the bail be paid (which it had been previously). He boarded a flight back to the US shortly after his release. He may still need to return to the Czech Republic for a trial regarding the 2010 death of a fan. It is reported that his defense team has a strong case. Randy said he is relieved to be out of jail and that it wasn't bad, but "it wasn't exactly fun."
Related to the news of his release is the news that Lamb of God has been put back on the Knotfest bill and will be playing both shows (Aug 17 in Iowa, Aug 18 in Wisconsin).
Check out the video below to hear Randy's interview after his release. He is expected to release an official statement soon.

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