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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Interview with Bruised But Not Broken's Vocalist Hudson Hower

I was approached by Standby Records with the opportunity to listen to a debut 5 song EP called Just(Defied). The band is Bruised But Not Broken from Charlotte, NC and they just signed with the label. Don't let the bands looks fool you. They may be young (like just getting out of high school kind of young), but they have a brutal sound. They are a metalcore band that incorporates some techno-like sounds into some of their song.

 I had the chance to do an interview with vocalist Hudson Hower via email. You can check them out on Facebook for a link to buy their EP. And I must say, the answer to the second question in this interview is by far my absolute favorite answer I've ever received from a band. Such amazing insight from someone so young. Kudos to you Hudson, not only for your talent, but for your appreciation of what music is really about.

For the Love of Rock and Metal: Tell me a little about yourself and the creation and background of Bruised but Not Broken
Hudson Hower: My name is Hudson, and I do vocals for the band. I guess a little bit of background… I suppose we got started how any other band gets started. I had some friends that were musicians and we all thought it would be fun to start playing some music. We all initially came from different backgrounds in music. For instance, our guitarist was primarily a classical player, while Matt (drums) was very jazz oriented. I was a huge country fan, and I guess once you add all of that together, you create an interest and mutual enjoyment of hardcore music! We started this band our 8th grade year, so… 2009? Then it turned into a dream, and we’re still going at it.

FLRM: What is the hardest thing about trying to succeed in the music world, but metal in particular?
HH: I think a lot of people blow the idea that metal is “underground” or “neglected” out of proportion. In saying that, we’re limiting the vast potential of the genre itself, as well as its possibility for growth. I think that this genre has some of the most diverse and wonderful people you will ever find within it. To be honest, the hardest part of succeeding in the music world is probably defining the word success. Personally, if you define “success” with a dollar sign, I think you’re doing it wrong. While it’s possible to achieve that within the music industry, you’re limiting yourself if you overlook the hearts and minds of the people around you. Succeed in fellowship, not a bank account.

FLRM: How does it feel to be signed to Standby Records? 
HH: It’s a blessing and an honor. It’s funny, I feel like few people understand how much of a powerhouse Standby is and is going to become. It’s honestly a team game, and everyone over at Standby are some of the hardest workers you will ever meet, so being a part of such a diligent and driven group is super humbling. Both Neil (owner of Standby) and Shawn (manager) follow baseball religiously, so I guess that’s where their teamwork skills come from. It is really cool; they’re trying to make every band on the Standby roster a starting player with nobody stuck in the dugout. We’re very excited about what the future is going to look like.

FLRM: Who are your (either personally or as a band) biggest influences?
HH: Oh man, as a band and as individuals it goes everywhere, and changes consistently. I know that mutually we are all big fans of Underoath, My Epic and Ascend The Hill, but it’s able to range from Maroon 5 and Panic! At The Disco. I’m actually listening to Brian McKnight as I’m typing this, so I don’t know any straight answer to give you!

FLRM: If you could describe the band in one word, what would it be?
HH: Brothership.

FLRM: Why did you choose the mix of metal and techno?
HH: The techno thing went into effect a while ago. We haven’t dabbled much into it in the recent years, but have used our original interest in it to expand our ideas of what to combine musically, whether it be arpeggiaters or different synths or different guitar effects. We really just used it to see what else we could make happen.

FLRM: Some critics say “metalcore” isn’t real metal and shouldn’t be considered in the same league. What do you think?
HH: Haha man, I’m not that picky. If someone is saying that “real metal” is Guns N’ Roses, Black Sabbath, or Pantera, I don’t really take it that much to heart. If someone is adamant on bands of that sort being the only “metal” in existence, that’s totally okay with me. If metalcore is a separate genre, then I’ll say I’m in a metalcore band rather than a metal band. If someone is heavily advocating for “metal-equality,” I think that they should probably find a more important issue to be passionate about.

FLRM: What kind of musical training have each of the members had (self-taught, in school, privately, etc)?
HH: Matt’s father is a fantastic drummer and began teaching Matt when he was young, so he was a fantastic musician within no time. Other than that, we’re all for the most part self-taught. The interest in music theory and the desire to achieve mastery of our instruments has really been the forerunner for our knowledge in music. Not to brag or anything, but I do sing baritone in my high-school chorus class.

FLRM: If you could play any band or person – living or dead – who would it be?
HH: We’ve always set the dream bar of playing with The Devil Wears Prada. Either them or Justin Timberlake. Seriously, I dare you to tell me he isn’t awesome. (Matt just told me he would play for JT in a heartbeat. Just saying.)

FLRM: What are your main goals as a band?
HH: I guess our goal is to make music, be able to make this our source of living, meet everyone that we can and build relationships along the way. We’re so excited to finally start travelling and just meet people. I suppose our goal is to go until we can’t anymore. Well, scratch that – our goal is to go so that we never have to stop.

FLRM: Is there anything else you’d like to share?
HH: Lots I would like to share. That will all wait until another time, though. Can’t wait for the future. This is just The Beginning. 

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