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Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Music: The Everyday Losers EP "Social Paradise"

Photo from Band's Reverbnation

I got an email about a band called The Everyday Losers and decided to review their second EP called "Social Paradise." I have been sitting here trying to decide how I feel about this band. Here's the thing... I don't dislike them. They are reminiscent of the grunge era and resemble bands like Nirvana, Fuel and Bush. I like those bands and I really enjoy grunge and alternative rock. But this is where my dilemma comes in - they are a throwback band to a time when these grunge bands were just breaking through. Some stood out, some faded into the background never to be seen again. I like The Everyday Losers because they sound like these bands, but at the same time, they do sound like every other band.

The EP starts with the song Hate You. This song sounds like early Puddle of Mudd from the instrumentals all the way to the vocals. It is followed by Queen of the World and Pins, which are the same melodic sound. My favorite of the EP is Here We Are Now, which reminds of Bush and Nirvana rolled into one. The CD is rounded out with Farrah 22 and Let Me Die. If I had to sum up this EP in one word, it would be "accessible."  It is prime for radio play because it is not at either end of any extreme and it echos already well-known music. Some may call it a boring sound, but I think it is the kind of music that anyone can listen to easily. That's good because it can draw a larger fan base, but bad because people like me listen to music for the passion. I like metal because it is pure and raw emotion, but I also like grunge and alternative because it is easy to listen to and The Everyday Losers fit right into that mold. I'm not saying the guys from this band aren't passionate. I'm sure they are, but I'm having a hard time pulling that passion from this EP. Alternative rock often does not exude great amounts of passion and that's okay. 

The Everyday Losers is a band from Washington, Indiana and is made up of two brothers, Dylan and Tyler Seidel and Danny Norton. There is no drummer listed on their Facebook or website. They have played at Rockapalooza and have had radio play in their home state of Indiana as well as on Milwaukee, Wisconsin radio station. Check back soon for an interview with the band. 


  1. Not to be rude but the music definitely fits the name of the band. Boring and not all that original. I found it hard to listen to.

  2. If I had to sum up their music in one word, it would be 'astonishing!' Keep up the great work guys!

  3. I find The Everyday Losers as catchy and brilliant as their name. They have lots of emotion and you can tell that each musician has a lot of talent. I disagree with you completely. If I ever got the chance to see them awesome musicians live, I would be rocking out in the first row. These bands are what is keeping Grunge alive today! Rock on and keep making wonderful music, guys.

  4. It says you are a "live music junkie". Why don't you go see them live and then write this? I gaurantee you will find all the passion and emotion you need.

    1. I am a live music junkie and I would be happy to see this band live if they come to the area. I wrote this as a CD review and when I see them live, I'll write a concert review and be able to compare the two. Bands are often very different live and the emotions are definitely more at the forefront when they are playing live in front of a crowd.