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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top 10 Reasons We Love 94.1 WJJO

Top 10 Reasons 94.1 WJJO is the best rock radio station ever (in no particular order)

1) The Morning Show
The 94.1 WJJO morning show is on every weekday morning from 6:00am to 10:00am and stars Johnny Danger, Greg Bair, The Biatch and Kid Snuff. It is by far the most entertaining morning show in the Madison area (and probably on the planet). This unique morning show has features like the Mr. Skin Minute, First and Last Laugh, plenty of great interviews with everyone from comedians to musicians to television stars to strippers and porn stars, and of course the Fake at 8. For those of you who live under a rock and don’t know what the Fake at 8 is, it is when women call in to the radio station to do a fake (usually) orgasm on the air for the chance to win prizes – usually concert tickets. The show also has weather, sports and news, although the news portions generally turn into debates about various topics, which just makes it that much more amusing.  Want to check out more? Go to the Morning Show website.

2) Biatch
I know I mentioned the Biatch in the morning show, but you know what? She deserves her own bullet point. She is funny, witty, entertaining, and relates well to the listeners whether it is on the air or out at events. She gives the other morning show staff a hard time (especially Johnny Danger) and keeps them from running away with the show. Oh yeah, she’s also just plain awesome. Check out her Facebook page here.
3) JJO local stage
Kurt Baron hosts the JJO Local Stage every Sunday night at 9:00pm. The Local Stage is dedicated entirely to local music and bands, which is extremely important to the support of local music and helping bands move up in the difficult entertainment world. WJJO also has a locals only CD compilation that they put together. Since I am a huge supporter of local music and love finding new bands, the JJO Local Stage is an excellent platform to learn about new bands and listen to local bands on the radio.  Visit the Local Stage website.
4) JJ-Overdrive
Every weeknight at midnight is JJ-Overdrive, which is devoted to hard, fast metal. It is an hour long and includes both old and new metal.  I don’t catch it very often, but when I worked third shift, this was definitely the only thing on my radio from midnight to 1:00am. No one else plays hard metal and I often wish JJO would play more of it throughout the day, but an hour specifically set aside for it will have to do for now.  Get more information online.
5) Tickets/Contests
WJJO offers many contests in order to win tickets, merchandise, gift certificates and free beer. They have Text-to-Win months where each day there is a chance to text in for a specific prize. Many weekends they have text to win prizes and have “Tat-Tuesday” which is a text to win for tattoo gift certificates. Additionally, they have online auctions, band meet-and-greets, and tons of other great prizes.
6) Band Camp
Starting in 2004 with a fairly small lineup, WJJO Band Camp is now a yearly all day concert event that has grown exponentially. It has featured many great bands like Damage Plan, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Dope, HURT, Nonpoint, Clutch, All That Remains and TONS more. By far my favorite concert event of the year with decently priced tickets and great ticket deals. While I miss the first Band Camp because it was smaller and had true local bands, I still look forward to going every year. You can see pictures and more on the Band Camp page
7) RadioActive in the community
In addition to everything else, JJO also takes part in many awesome charity events and takes a special interest in causes. They are often attempting to “Save the Ta-Tas” through their partnership with Ultimate Arts Tattoo’s “Sticking it to Breast Cancer” and their Second Baseman shirts. Other events are available at their website. Find out how you can get RadioActive.
8) Music
Music is the most important part of any music radio station (imagine that) and JJO has it covered. They play new music, old music, hard rock, metal, and everything in between. There is generally a pretty good mix of music, although sometimes during the day the brand new singles get a little repetitive. Overall, awesome mix of music that keeps me entertained 24 hours a day.
9) The Wham Bam Tailgate Jam
Join the morning show crew for 2 hours before every Badgers football home game at Buckingham’s on Regent Street in Madison. They broadcast live, talk to fans, talk to the other team’s fans (if anyone is willing to talk to them), bring merchandise and have a full out party before every Badger home game. Also includes a Badger breakdown with a spread by Kid Snuff.
10) Sound Lounge
The Sound Lounge is a live show and listeners can win tickets to get in and watch bands, ask questions of guests, and just party in the morning with the Morning Show crew. The show often includes bands playing live, sports stars (previously featured Ron Dayne), and other guests and is in an intimate room, so listeners can get up close and personal.

Want to learn more about JJO? Their website has a lot of great stuff to check out.

Why do YOU love JJO?



    1. You're definitely right. Maybe I'll have to do a part two to this. Anyone else have more suggestions?

  2. I love them because the let freaky pandas and their kids into the Sound Lounge and actually seem to like us! LOL

  3. I love WJJO because they are all sarcastic pricks to each other but you can totally feel the love in that show. Not only that my boyfriend likes to say after some of his own comments "straight from the nipple of knowledge " lol. And without Jjo what kind of shows would I be seeing in Madison!! We need the we love them and what would we do without them!!! I can't listen to 93 jams!