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Monday, November 28, 2011

Featured Video: Silence Is Broken - One Bullet Away

Since I can't go to live shows all the time, although I would love to, I am going to be periodically posting videos and outside articles regarding rock and metal. One thing I love to do is watch YouTube videos shot by other people of live shows. Today's featured video is Silence Is Broken's "One Bullet Away" shot by rubelena who has a lot of great videos of Silence Is Broken and many other bands. This band is one of my favorite semi-local bands and I always enjoy sharing their music with other people, whether it be through writing reviews, bringing others to live shows with me, or just suggesting a Facebook page. After you watch this video of one of my favorite Silence Is Broken songs, feel free to look at other videos by this same user. Some other great songs by Silence Is Broken are Rumors and When Love Becomes Hello, but this is a favorite of mine to listen to at work when it starts to get stressful.

Let me know what you think of this video and feel free to suggest other videos (by any band) that you would like to see featured.

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