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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Bands I Want to See: KILLING DISTRICT

Photo from the band's Facebook page

A new band was brought to my attention through Facebook called Killing District. Some of the members were once part of the band The Rage Inside, but after some lineup changes gone bad, the band broke up. Now they are back and ready to go with a new metalcore band called Killing District.

Killing District is from Freeport, IL and they have launched themselves straight into the scene again. They opened on the local stage at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI for Gwar on Halloween of 2011. They also have other shows lined up in Chicago, St. Louis, Elgin and Rockford. The hard, fast, crisp drums were the first thing that caught my attention with the few songs I've been able to listen to. Hopefully they are as enjoyable live as on the recorded songs.

Based on the few songs I’ve heard online and the video below, they are the epitome of face-melting metalcore and hopefully they come to the Madison, WI area soon otherwise I will have to make a trip to Illinois to see them. Unfortunately, the video isn’t the best quality so I can’t gauge how they really sound live, but I will find out soon. The current lineup includes Tony Wilson on lead vocals, Jesse Kuhse and Justin Knapp on guitar, Tyler Lampe on drums and Travis on bass.

Check out Killing District at their Facebook page or their Reverbnation profile where you can check out the other songs that are available. My favorite so far is Unspoken.

Have you see this band or do you have a band you like or would like to see? Let me know!

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