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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Band News: Nonpoint


Photo from Nonpoint's Facebook
Nonpoint has gone through some crazy stuff over the last few months. A few months ago, fans got word that two of the members (Zach Broderick and Ken MacMillan) were splitting from the group. It was awhile before we knew who was going to replace them, but as it turns out it is three members from the band Inn Cinema. I saw Inn Cinema in July of 2011 and they were pretty good and hopefully they will blend well with Elias Soriano and Robb Rivera to carry on the Nonpoint name. Of course, this means that Nonpoint is now a five-piece instead of a four-piece.

Many people have wondered what happened to Zach and Ken and what they were up to. Today, posted an article about a new project called Voodoo Corps, which is made up of the two former Nonpoint members and C.J. Pierce and Mike Luce from Drowning Pool.

According to the article, the new band’s mission statement is:

“From the collective bowels of the South rides forth the culmination of what can only be deemed as the kick in the ass that rock so desperately needs. Forged in the fires of what makes life truly great: friends, family, and a deep seeded love and appreciation for those who support rock music, VOODOO CORPS is here to stomp your ass and then take you out for snow cones!!!"

This link provides a sneak peak of their first song, “Lights Out.”

In addition to this new lineup, Nonpoint drummer Robb Ribera has partnered with THC: Music to form an imprint label called SSFM (Stand Strong For Music). He is going to be signing metal and hard rock bands in an attempt to help bands get heard. Every band struggles at the beginning and some never make it, but with the help of Robb, THC: Music and SSFM, hopefully more will get a chance. Check out SSFM at their Facebook page  and THC: Music at theirs here.

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