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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three Days Grace Singer Leaves the Band

Ethan Miller, Getty Images / Liz Ramanand, Loudwire

Just a few weeks before their tour starts, Three Days Grace announces that vocalist Adam Gontier is leaving the band due to a non-life-threatening health issue. The band knew in December that Gontier was leaving, but that he wanted to the band to go on without him.

My Darkest Days lead singer Matt Walst (brother of bassist Brad Walst) will be filling in for Gontier in their upcoming tour. The band's future is still seemingly uncertain, but if it goes well with Matt Walst, maybe it will be a permanent move. This possibility leaves My Darkest Days on shaky grounds in the future as well, especially after the loss of their guitarist, Sal Costa last week.

Three Days Grace's tour will be starting on February 1st and is scheduled to go through the end of March with Brad Walst on vocals for the entire tour. The band has released the following statement regarding Gontier's departure on their website:

"We appreciate everyone’s concern about Three Days Grace. We found out on December 21st that Adam wished to resign from the band. In a letter to us Adam indicated that he was resigning from the band due to a non life threatening health issue and wanted the band to continue moving forward without him. We were as shocked as many of you were to hear the news. Three Days Grace has always been and will continue to be not only our job but our passion. Instead of cancelling the tour, we felt an obligation to you, the fans, to forge ahead and put on the best show we can. Brad recently reached out to his brother Matt Walst, lead singer for ‘My Darkest Days’ to fill in for the tour dates already announced. We’ve been hanging out and rehearsing with Matt and look forward to rocking the stage in a few weeks! As of right now, Matt’s role is temporary and as far as the future and beyond this tour, we are taking it one day at a time. – 3DG"

The band posted a few tracks of Walst practicing with the band as lead singer. I'm going to be completely honest... I don't really like it. Maybe I need to have a little time to adjust to it and maybe I need to hear it live and after more practice. Below is one of their new songs "Chalk Outline," which I think is the best of the three they posted. The first one I listened to was "Riot" and it just doesn't sound like the same band. Of course, I don't expect it to be the same band because it is a different singer, but I guess I just don't like change. I hope this isn't the end of Three Days Grace because I do enjoy them as far as rock bands go. So, listen to the one below and if you're interested check out the other two here and let me know what you think of this lineup change. 

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