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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Interview with The Everyday Losers

I did a review of The Everyday Losers' new EP last week and had a chance to ask Tyler and Dylan Seidel of the band a few questions. Check it out below and check out the original review here.

Photo from band's Facebook

For The Love of Rock and Metal: Tell me about how the band formed and a little about each member.

The Everyday Losers: Well Dylan and I are brothers so we have been playing music together for like seven years and been writing almost as long. Dylan and I went to school with Danny. I always knew he played guitar, but it didn't click with me to ask him to join as a bassist until we had been looking for one for a good while and he suggested it. It was a great transition for the band and he is a good fit.

FLRM: There is no drummer listed on your website or Facebook. Do you have a regular drummer or are you using touring/studio drummers?

TEL: We did use a studio drummer for half the tracks on the EP because at the time Dylan and I were the only members. I was still in high school when we got in contact with Phil Taylor. We headed down to new Orleans and tracked three songs in two days because we were on a low budget. About a year after that we found a drummer and got a few more songs recorded and this time John Lecompt was in on it from the beginning. We had that drummer a little over a year but we are currently still looking.

FLRM:  I’ve had some positive and negative reactions to your music and to a review I did. What do you want the people who have good things to say about you to know? How about those who had negative things to say?

TEL:  I don't think that the album does us justice. We had a hard time getting the earlier tracks on the record to be acceptable. We only had two sessions - a two day session and a five day session for the entire recording of the EP. We were still developing our sound in the middle of it. I look at it as our first EP because it has three tracks from the first as well as the three new ones. John is very precise in recording and mixing. He likes to remove all flaws in the music and some people may hear it and feel the personal quality removed. I think he is great at what he does, but for the next album we are planning on going for a more raw feel. We just did what we could with what was available to us and if you like it that's great. If you don't, that is okay too. We have more to offer than that EP.

FLRM:  Why alternative rock/grunge?

TEL:  We've been classified under that genre before. We aren't trying to imitate any of those bands in any way. We have always said nirvana and Silverchair are the greatest inspirations for our style, but we have developed a different style from them.  Dylan and I  both were attracted to the aggression of grunge. It felt real to us because it had passion.

FLRM:  What is your favorite thing about playing live?

TEL:  Being able to share music that my brother and I create.

FLRM:  What is the local scene like in your area? Have you noticed a change over the last few years (ie: the quality of bands, the number of people attending local shows, etc)?

TEL: We live in a small town. There is not really much of a music scene here. A few larger cities not too far from us have one and it's primarily death metal and power pop punk. It seems as though bands are falling away from the core of rock.

FLRM:  What is your songwriting process? Is it just one person or is it collaborative?

TEL:  Dylan and I write the songs. Dylan writes most of the music and I do most lyrics. We both write the melodies.

FLRM:  If you could sing for any band (current or past) other than your own, which one would it be and why?

TEL: (Dylan) I think Seether would be cool. I've always felt a connection with Shaun's lyrics.

FLRM:  What do you think it takes to put on a really good show?

TEL: We are a tight band live. We feed off the crowd, as well as each other. I do everything I can to be as entertaining as possible. I don't think I have played a show where I didn't end up on the ground or running as fast as I can on the stage. Crowd interaction is key as well. We always try our best to get the crowd into the music.

FLRM:  If you weren’t a musician, what would your number one profession choice be?

TEL: I'm a graphic designer as well, so I'll go with that.

FLRM:  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

TEL:  Hopefully our future recordings will show a sense of passion through the music. We are passionate and would like people to feel connected to the songs.

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