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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dreams Will Fade, Mind Drop, Vintage Burning and Silence Is Broken - Saturday, June 30th in Madison, WI

Silence is Broken Farewell Show – Saturday, June 30th 2012 – Regent Street Retreat – Madison, WI

I waited for a long time for the Silence is Broken Farewell show. Now, I didn’t really want to go to a farewell show, because it is no secret that I love this band and the lead singer in particular. Unfortunately, change happens and bands sometimes break up and go their separate ways.

The Farewell show started out with the band Dreams Will Fade, a rock band from Wisconsin. I really enjoyed this band’s bass heavy drums and showmanship. The vocalist had a good voice that ranged from a deep, gravelly singing voice to metal growls. The guitarists and bass players were confident and spirited on stage.

 I can’t pick out anything in particular that makes Dreams Will Fade truly exceptional or unique, but they were definitely enjoyable and highly talented musicians.  Although it seemed disorganized at times to me, the lyrics were memorable, there was a strong backbone in the drums and the entire band was satisfying to watch.

Up next in the show was Mind Drop, a 5 piece rock band from Rockford, Illinois. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I usually do not like female singers in hard rock and metal bands. That is just my taste; however, I have found some that I like. For the first few songs of this set, I was really impressed with Shauna Lisse, the vocalist.

A few songs in, the band covered the 1980s song “Send Me An Angel” and I will admit that I didn’t enjoy it. I really did like the rest of the set and can appreciate how hard it can sometimes be to be a female in a predominantly male position.  Overall, Mind Drop’s members were really great. The drums were strong, the guitarists were beautifully blended and the bass was very steady and distinguishable.

After Mind Drop came Vintage Burning, an amazing band from Beloit, WI. I have seen them before and always love it. Vocalist Amy Kroning was wonderful, fiery and talented as usual, despite a slight wardrobe malfunction. Bassist Charles Yount was incredible to watch. He knows how to entertain the entire crowd and the entire band seems to truly love what they are doing. There isn’t much I can say about Vintage Burning except get out and see them whenever you have the chance.

Last but not least was the main event. Silence is Broken took the stage for the last time.  They played an amazing set, including the songs One Bullet Away, A Plague Called Failure and one of my favorites, Demons played acoustically. Vocalist Aaron Fishel definitely played to the crowd and was as sexy as ever. He has the frontman gig down really well. Guitarist Jamison Parker helped keep the crowd involved, true to SIB style.

It is sad that Silence is Broken is done, but they are going their own ways and moving on with life. They gave 7 years of their life to this amazing band and they will be missed by myself and many others. I have been a fan for about 5 years and have seen them over and over again. I may be a little biased and must admit I've always had a little crush, but this is one of the best regional acts I’ve seen in a long time and they are definitely hard to top. 

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