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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome Back Silence Is Broken

About a year ago, Silence Is Broken (Rockford, IL) announced that they were no longer together. They decided to pursue other things, including another band called Driven Under, separately and let 7 years of SiB be enough. Last week, they posted a note on their Facebook saying that instead of continuing with Driven Under, they would be reuniting and making a second SiB album and will be playing shows again.

I am a huge fan of this band and I hated that they were no longer going to be playing, so of course I was thrilled to see this. I put off writing a "Local Bands We Miss" article, hoping for this news. To celebrate, check out this video of my favorite Silence Is Broken Song. I can't wait for their new album "Elevate" to be available and of course to see them live again. Much love to this great band that has put a lot of hard work, love, sweat, tears and blood into their music.

The full text of the Facebook announcement is available here.

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