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Monday, June 24, 2013

MadCity Underground, Bitter Cold Debut and the Amazing Disappearing Vocalist

There was a decent turnout at the MadCity Underground show on Saturday. It's not quite what it should be, but at least people showed up.

I even found a few new bands that I like. Self Driven from Rockford, IL was up early in the night and definitely set the bar high. Vocalist Mike Stanfill has an amazing talent. At first, I wasn't convinced he had a good range, but a few songs in there was definitely more depth to his vocals. He had a great sound that reminded me of Gwar, Pantera and more all at the same time. I'll definitely make a point to see them again.

Autumn Reverie from Madison, WI also surprised me. They weren't overly heavy, but were definitely enjoyable. I wish they had been on the larger stage because their energy was unbeatable and I would have loved to see them with more room.

I really looked forward to seeing AutoChaotic, but had to leave due to unforeseeable circumstances. I'll definitely catch them the next time they play.

Last but not least, Bitter Cold had their debut show. It could have gone better. Not because the band isn't talened (because they are) and not because of a lack of chemistry (because I've never seen better), but because their singer didn't show. Bassist and backup vocalist Mike Ash stepped up to the plate and filled the flaky shoes of the MIA vocalist. He was a little shaky at first (understandably), but fell into it quickly and wrapped up their debut show on a high note. Speaking of... if there is anyone interested in singing with this amazing trio and you have a good scream and a "Killswitch sound" - let me know. I'll forward your information on to the guys. They have another show this Thursday at Club Tavern, so come check them out - with or without a vocalist.

And a special thank you to KNS Photography for getting some good pictures of this unforgettable debut show. 

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