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Monday, December 3, 2012

Volbeat Drummer

So, you may all know that I have a connection with the world's sexiest drummer/drummist (not Jon Larsen)... check out the blog written by Kurt Stapleton that is all about drums. Here is one of his posts about Jon Larsen, the Volbeat drummer. There are also drum tips, reviews, and lots of other things on there. Enjoy.

Jon Larsen, Volbeat drummer
Volbeat's latest album "Beyond hell/Above heaven" is one of the best I've heard this year. It debuted on Nov. 25 2011, and the band has been touring nonstop ever since to support it. It's a great hard rock album with a twist of metal. Drummer Jon Larsen put's his stamp on this album with some really nice double bass work on every song. It's not overdone or over the top, but rather, with a tasteful, almost playful approach. The sound is so fat, and punchy, and the cymbals really sound great in the mix. I love the bass drum work, I can't seem to stop tapping my fingers when I listen to the c.d. 

The track "Fallen", which was their first single, really launched the album and their music career to new heights. "Heaven nor Hell" is a great rock track with nice harmonica work in it. Solid, with a nice time change, this track should be a single that could match the popularity of "Fallen".

"Who they are" has this cool Metallica/Slayer feel to it, that seems to be an influence in  their writing.
"A better believer"  has a really cool time change that keeps the listener intrigued by it's push/pull feel.
The song "7 Shots (featuring Mille Petrozza)" has a "Ghost riders" sound to it that stands out in the crowd on this disc.

If you like a great, solid, straight-up hard rock c.d. with double bass and catchy melodies, put this in your Ipod and give it a shot. You shouldn't be disappointed.

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