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Sunday, August 18, 2013

WJJO Band Camp 10 Year Anniversary - Willow Island, Madison - August 17, 2013

Yesterday was the day JJO listeners have been waiting for all year - Band Camp! It was a great time as usual despite the sun that didn't want to go away, the sudden "rule change" regarding purses/small bag (that apparently only existed for the people who were already standing in line but was amended as the day continued), and the lineup that caused a lot of stir.

I won't say much about the lineup. There were bands I loved (Nonpoint, Dope and Mindset Evolution) and some that I didn't care for. I know that the people at JJO put a lot of effort and time into creating this event and for that I'm grateful, but looking back at old lineups, I can see why people weren't as impressed. They have set the bar really high with great bands like Korn, Black Label Society, Damageplan, Five Finger Death Punch and  Godsmack.

Now I'm sitting here exhausted, sore and sunburnt but I would do it all over again. And I will - next year, and every year after that. There is nothing that can keep me from Band Camp. In 2010, I was on a trip to Florida with my mom and best friend, staying at Disney World and I left 2 days early to ensure I would be back in time for Band Camp.

 I am one of the few who can brag that I have been to every single Band Camp,  starting with the first one in 2004.  There weren't nearly as many people or booths, but the lineup was great and the "second stage" was basically a stage that popped out of a trailer and featured some awesome local bands. If there is anything I would suggest, it would be to bring back more local bands. WJJO is great at exposing many local bands to the public. Putting them in lineups with these awesome bands at this great show would be beneficial to the station, the attendees and the bands.

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