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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Proudest Moment

I have two stepkids and I love them like my own. Strange thing to discuss on a rock and metal blog, right? Well, one of my proudest moments with them happened in the car. I have a guilty pleasure band. My friends and family know about it, so I guess since one of them will likely call me out on it, I'll share - I'm a sucker for Spice Girls. I know, I know. Its a horrible group with very little true talent and is the last thing a "true" metalhead should listen to. But shut up, you all know every single one of you has your own guilty pleasure in music. Anyone who says they don't is lying. Mind you, I would choose Slipknot or Megadeth over them any time.

Anyway... my stepkids both enjoy Spice Girls. I thought my stepdaughter would like it, so I let her listen to it and eventually they were both asking to listen to it every time we got in the car. In addition to that, they both love HURT, Queen, Johnny Cash and a ton of other great artists and bands (as well as some that I couldn't even begin to name). While I'm thrilled they have a diverse taste in music, the proudest day was when we were on this car ride and I hadn't "kid-proofed" my CDs in the changer. Normally I make sure nothing vulgar or inappropriate is in there, but this time I had left the Slayer album "God Hates Us All" in the changer. To my shock, amusement, and sheer joy, my stepson started singing along. He was singing Slayer! He knew a metal band and actually enjoyed it. He was probably 9 at the time, so still a little young to be bringing into the pit of a show (I'm sure both his dad and his mom would have had a problem with that), but I knew there was a future. There's a metalhead in the family and I couldn't be happier.

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